Hydrogarden Industry Innovations Tries to Trim Labor Costs with Turbo Trimmerz

Josh Mehzer Hydrogarden Industry Innovations

Joshua Mezher, Founder of Hydrogarden Industry Innovations (Hii Inc.), has always had an interest in cannabis cultivation. However, when he finished college and began working as a bookkeeper, that’s when the proverbial light bulb went on over his head. Joshua realized that the majority of his growing time was dedicated to trimming plants, so he set out to create a product that could help people all over the world spend less time trimming and more time enjoying the fruits of their labor.

The result of Joshua’s efforts is Hii Inc., a company that invents and markets technologically advanced equipment for precision horticulture. The company’s first invention, Turbo Trimmerz, is a power tool that improves upon the functionality of hand-activated scissors by allowing the user to cut at a faster rate and reduced physical stress: while still allowing for the same dexterity and control as traditional scissors. Joshua’s patent-pending technology is one of the first inventions directly out of the cannabis industry to provide this many direct horticultural applications.

Read Tim Strombel’s Interview “JOSHUA MEZHER – TRIMMING CANNABIS LABOR TIME & COSTS”: https://www.cashinbis.com/joshua-mezher-trimming-cannabis-labor-costs/

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